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Have you ever hired someone who appeared in the interview to be the best candidate only to learn later that the individual was just a good talker? It’s a well known fact: people know themselves better than you'll ever know them. Assessments let you know each of your applicants the way they know themselves. Quickly, reliably, cost effectively before you hire them.

Profile Evaluation Survey [ PES ]

The PES measures 16 dimensions that have been proven to be strongly related to job success. Because it is very comprehensive, the PES is often used in hiring and placement of managers and executives.

The PES predicts how an individual may perform in a given job by comparing that individual's profile to a normative pattern which can be developed for a specific job at a specific organization. Along with interviewing, checking references, and administering other applicable tests, the PES helps ensure good, solid hiring decisions.

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Organizational Needs Inventory [ ONI ]

The ONI is designed to help position your organization to thrive in a present and future world in which change rather than stability is commonplace. It helps identify the kind of company you are and organize your thinking about the kind of company you want to become. The ONI provides you with a basis for understanding:

How employees describe the organization’s structure and their views about what an ideal organization would be.
How employees describe the predominant leadership style employed in their organization and their views about what the ideal leadership style would be.
How employees describe their organizational culture and their views about what the ideal organizational culture would be.
Areas of incompatibility among the organizational structure, predominant leadership style, and organizational culture.
What changes in attitudes and leadership styles would be beneficial in helping the organization achieve its goals.

The information provided in the ONI provides a benchmark for continuous improvement that will enable you to:
Measure changes that occur over time.
Adapt appropriately to any change or lack of change that you detect.
Plan for your future with a clearer sense of direction and purpose.

For more information on ONI, click here.

Five Hidden Mistakes CEOs Make
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