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All organizations have two things in common.

   A Present ................... A Future

Change is inevitable and will occur whether planned or not.  

All organizations are perfectly designed for the results they are now getting. The quality of the future depends on the excellence of process we use to get there. 

Strategic development is about change. How management handles the new realities in technology, information flow, global competition and political accountability is key to success. Effective leaders understand these dynamics and work to control change within the organization.

Strategic development has 4 components:

Organizations are necessarily focused on day-to-day operations. Managers in this environment believe they just don’t have the time for controlled planning and development. Yet this is exactly the environment where the benefits are truly significant.

In order to meet the realities of today's complex business world, smart leaders understand that their highest payoff activity is to develop a culture where people want to be and want to do their best.

What Matters Most. Organizations that manage by a strategic plan, develop their staff potential and develop a results oriented culture outperform their competition significantly. Successful leaders insist on a continuous process of planning and development.


Five Hidden Mistakes CEOs Make
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